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Becoming a Club Member, or renewing is a simple. Complete a Membership form, and a Disclaimer form for boat owners - pay online.

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There are a number of affordable membership options available including family, adult, superanuant, associate and student.

A family membership is two parents and their children. Up to four grandchildren can be included with grandparents, provided the children’s parents are not members.

All non-members, visitors, and guests of members must sign in at the book in the entrance. Associate, Adult, Superanuant and Student memberships are ‘SINGLE' memberships - these do not include wives and children, etc. All regular visitors to the club are required to become members.

Bar staff are unable to serve non-members or persons who are not signed in correctly.

For boat owners wanting to use the boat wash facility, a dongle is available for purchase from the Club Bar. There is an annual fee for the use of the boat wash - payable with your annual membership.


Why become a member?

There are numerous benefits that a Club Membership provides. Some of these include:

  • Meeting like-minded people who are passionate about boating, fishing and diving
  • Access to NPSUC facilities including the boat wash facility, dive bottle filling service, and the bar and restaurant
  • Affiliation to NZ Sportfishing Council, ability to claim NZ records and participate in annual NZ Nationals
  • An opportunity to win cash with weekly draws
  • Multiple tournaments, competitions, prize-giving and social events held throughout the year
  • Affiliate membership status which allows you into regional fishing clubs throughout the country
  • Access to sponsor's specials and deals including Fuel and insurance discounts


Take advantage of these benefits today!


How to sign in with your digital ID:

Follow the link to see the video of how to download the Sporty NZ App to get your digital ID to sign in with at the bar.


How To Download the Sporty App and sign in:



How to clear your digital ID to sign in another family member: