- Photo competition -

Four photography categories (above and below water, for stills & video) - no entry fee:

These competitions are kindly sponsored by New Plymouth Steel Supplies - visit their website click here

Some recent entries below - Do you have some good footage or photos? send to steelykiwi@gmail.com







Entries are open to fisherman and divers alike. The only rules, other than the titles imply, is that they must be taken by a current NPSUC member between now and 30th June in NZ waters (not overseas). Images must be yours (Proof of the photo sequence may be required to validate ownership and date taken) – no watermarks. Judges decision is final, and extra points will be given for originality, difficulty and obviously marine context.

There are annual trophies on the line for all categories.

Worthy entries will be shown in the monthly newsletter, on the website and on the TV’s within the club. Get out there and get snapping.

Any queries or entries to Ian Steele  - email steelykiwi@gmail.com